The broom operation with the stolen cars continues

katsounotos News
Police Spokesman Michalis Katsounotos, referring today to the case of car theft, said that "from the investigations and examinations so far, it appears that in at least two cases the suspects, in cooperation, secured damaged or withdrawn cars, as a result of road accidents or wear, the shashi number, which they placed on a stolen vehicle of the same make, type and color, as well as the registration plates ”. Preliminary it seems, he continued, that there are other cases for which the suspects are involved, however this is expected to be confirmed through the investigative work that is being carried out and the scientific evidence that is expected.

Police (TAE Headquarters) proceeded late yesterday afternoon by court order to arrest a 29-year-old third-country national, to facilitate investigations in connection with the case involving car theft.

He was brought before the District Court of Nicosia today, which issued a 4-day detention order. It is recalled that for the same case four people are already in custody for 6 days.

Mr. Katsounotos said that the issue has been repeatedly emphasized with the registration plates of vehicles (unregistered or without license plates or fake), which is essentially the identity of the vehicle and consequently of the owner, proceeding as a Police in complaints campaigns or seizures, since it is incomprehensible to drive a motor vehicle without or with fake license plates, essentially making the perpetrator unknown.

At the same time, the issue that is pending before the Department of Road Transport is highlighted, in relation to the new license plates of vehicles and the introduction of uniformity, which is expected to be implemented based on the Law passed in July 2010, thus making the legal framework stricter and safer, in terms of forging license plates, falsifying vehicle badges, etc. ", he added.

He stated that from 01/01/11 to 02/11/11 a total of 316 motor vehicles have been stolen and not found throughout Cyprus.

We call on all citizens, especially those who bought a used car this year, to go through the list of stolen vehicles, to find out if they currently own a vehicle with exactly the same characteristics (model, color and registration number) with what have been reported as theft ", he added.

The appeal, he said, also covers the legally registered owners, as there is a possibility that the features of their vehicle, which was obviously damaged as a result of a car accident or was withdrawn due to wear, were placed in the same type of stolen car and circulated in a "legal way". may come to their notice.

In any case, Mr. Katsounotos noted, they must necessarily inform the Police immediately in order to assist the investigation, in relation to the conditions of withdrawal, destruction or purchase and sale of the car.

We call and at the same time urge the possible current owners of the stolen cars listed in the attached list, to contact and inform the Police. "Otherwise, the concealment or concealment of the event in combination with the other incidents of the case, as well as the circumstances of the purchase and sale of the car, may substantiate the crime of theft", he added. Source: