Cypriots prefer short holidays in the Greek islands

A 13 News
A 13 News
Great preference for cruises

Hesitation in expensive packages, and in multi-day vacations is observed by travelers. The interest of the Cypriots for travel is limited but not non-existent, states Mrs. Roula Agroti, a member of the AKTA Administrative Association… 

The financial crisis, he said, has affected all walks of life, including travelers.

Ms. Agroti noted, however, that people are interested in traveling with different options, showing a reluctance to pay for expensive packages and long vacations. The travel agencies added offer affordable holiday rates.

Referring to the financial packages, Ms. Agroti stated that a package can be given to a Greek island such as Rhodes, including the air ticket and accommodation from 279 euros per person, while for Santorini a package with 379 euros per person is available.

He also pointed out that for Cypriot travelers the first choice is the Greek islands, especially this year when there is an emotional mood of visitors to Greece due to the economic crisis. Ms. Agroti also mentioned the economical cruises, which include meals, while at Euro Disney children are offered free accommodation and entry.