The weather spoils us a little during the three days

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This winter may generally go down in history as one of the driest, but the festive three days of Carnival and Shrove Monday seem to be ruining us. The forecast of the Meteorological Service of Cyprus leaves open the possibility of rain for all three days.

In detail, today the weather will be mostly clear with locally increased clouds in the afternoon. The temperature will rise to around 19 degrees inland and on the north coast, around 20 on the rest of the coast and to 10 degrees in the higher mountains.

Tomorrow there will be increased medium and high clouds that at night may give locally light rain. The temperature will not change significantly. On Sunday, initially there will be increased clouds that may give local light rain, while gradually the weather will become mostly clear. The temperature will rise.

On Shrove Monday, where the great interest for the… "cutting of the Mourning of Lent" will appear, temporarily increased medium and high clouds will appear temporarily, while local rains are expected from late afternoon. The temperature will not change significantly compared to Sunday.