Israel and Cyprus are not backing down

Israel and Cyprus are not backing downA clear message that Nicosia and Tel Aviv will unreservedly and clearly defend their interests in the region and the right to extract and exploit natural gas, was given by a senior Israeli official, who accompanied President Peres on his visit to Cyprus. Israel's energy minister Uzi Landau said the two countries were cooperating on the basis of international law and the law of the sea and were following all the provisions of the Security Council resolutions.

A summary of the interview was broadcast on the radio and television bulletins of the day, while the whole will be broadcast tonight.

Mr. Landau pointed out in his interview that Cyprus is a member of the European Union and Israel maintains a partnership with the "27".

He added that he was confident that any state attempting to take a different stance from that dictated by international law would face a powerful international bloc, which is monitoring what is happening in the eastern Mediterranean. Source: