Khalid Massoud, the perpetrator of the attack in London

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Born in Britain and known to the police and intelligence services, he was the perpetrator of the attack in central London. According to the police, this is Khalid Massoud, a 52-year-old man born in Kent.

He was 52 years old, born in Kent and the authorities estimate that he recently lived in the West Midlands.

According to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May in Parliament, this is a man who was investigated by the authorities a few years ago, but who had not occupied the authorities recently.

However, according to The Guardian, the perpetrator of the attack was not among the list of 3.000 Britons that MI5 considers capable of carrying out acts of terrorism.

About 3.000 Britons, mostly Islamists, are under the microscope of the British authorities. Of these, 500 are the subject of ongoing investigations and very few of them are being monitored. However, the Guardian notes that the perpetrator of the attack in London was not even on MI5's list of 3.000 potentially dangerous Britons.

The perpetrator had been convicted of assault - including grievous bodily harm -, possession of a weapon and disturbing public order. His first conviction dates from November 1983, while the last one from December 2003 and concerns the possession of a knife.

He had not been charged with terrorist offenses, and Scotland Yard said it was unaware of his intention to carry out a terrorist attack.

American tourist the third victim

The name of the third victim in the attack in London has been made public. This is an American tourist, Curt Cochran. His wife, Melissa, was seriously injured and is being treated in hospital.

Melissa's brother released a statement stating that Curt and Melissa were in Europe celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. "They were scheduled to return to the United States on Thursday," said Clint Payne.