New massacre in France: Massacre of a priest in a church during hostage-taking

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A priest has been killed in a hostage-taking at the church of Saint-Etienne-di-Rouvre, on the outskirts of Rouen, in northwestern France, by two men armed with knives, an attack that has intensified tensions in the country. which has been the target of a series of jihadist attacks in the last 18 months.

President François Hollande decided to go immediately. The investigation was carried out by the anti-terrorist prosecutor's office.

A priest lost his life when his throat was cut and one of the hostages is between life and death. The two perpetrators of the attack, of unknown motives, were killed during the intervention of the French police.

In the wake of the Islamic State attack in Nice, the threat of an attack on Christian places of worship has been lingering for more than a year, following the failure of a plan to attack a Catholic church in Villejuif, a Paris suburb, in April. 2015.

A 24-year-old Algerian student, Sid Ahmed Glam, was suspected of plotting to attack the church and possibly other Christian places of worship in the French capital. The man was arrested before carrying out his plans.

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France, a target of terrorists three times in 18 months, lives in a state of fear of attacks.

On July 19, in the aftermath of the Nice attack, Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned that France would have to wait for more attacks and more innocent deaths.

Today, he assured that the French will form a "front". "Disgust at the barbaric attack in Saint-Maritime. The whole of France and all the Catholics were affected. We will close the front ", Manuel Valls wrote on Twitter.