Panos Kallidis was arrested for illegal possession of weapons!

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Panos Kallidis was arrested for illegal possession of weapons and possession of firearms. The well-known singer was accidentally checked by the Police in Karaiskaki Square in the center of Athens and was arrested by the authorities.

The police recognized Panos Kalidis, however, as was natural, they proceeded to check and were surprised to find that he had a gun with him and then they asked for the relevant permission.

When they heard from the singer that he did not have a license, they arrested him and took him to GADA, where a case was filed against him.

According to a daily newspaper, this is a 22mm pistol which the singer said he acquired for self-protection. However, without the relevant permission, the weapon is illegally in his possession and so now the well-known singer will be confronted with the law.

Specifically, last Saturday morning the threshold of the prosecutor was passed, who referred him to the Autophoros in order to be tried. Eventually, through his lawyer, he asked for a time limit and was released in order to prepare for the trial.

It is worth mentioning that the inspection of his car was accidental. According to information, the singer has tinted windows and this attracted the attention of the police and signaled him to stop.