Grilled squid stuffed

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to 3795From Chef Miltos Karoumbas, President of the Greek Chefs Club:

Recipe ingredients:
- 6 large squid (about 300 grams each)
- 90 grams of red peppers cut into strips
- 90 grams of green peppers cut into strips
- 90 grams of dried onion, cut into strips
- 90 grams of tomato, sliced
- 120 grams of kefalotyri
- 180 ml of extra virgin olive oil
- 90 ml lemon juice
- salt
- pepper

Method of preparation - Execution of a recipe
1. Wash the squid and empty the entrails and their sand. Grate them with 1/3 of the lemon juice.

2. Fill each squid with 15 grams of red peppers, 15 grams of green peppers, 15 grams of dried onion, 15 grams of tomato and 20 grams of kefalotyri. Tie them aside (use a toothpick to keep them from emptying).

3. Bake them on the grill over medium heat and season with salt and pepper.

4. Prepare lemon oil with olive oil and lemon juice. When the squid are cooked, serve by pouring the cold lemon oil.