Students of the Lyceum of Kokkinochorion in the European Parliament

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5 students from the Lyceum of Kokkinochorion traveled to Strasbourg to take part in the Euroscola 2016 program that took place in the European Parliament at the end of February.

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The mission consisted of a total of 11 students from all over Cyprus, of whom 5 were students of the Lyceum of Kokkinochorion Fotis Pitta.

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In addition to visiting the European Parliament, they had the opportunity to tour Strasbourg and Heidenberg.

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At the Euroscola meeting more than 530 students from 24 classes from 22 different European Union countries were hosted in the European Parliament.

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During the session, the students had the opportunity to exchange views on the various problems of the countries they represent, and then presented to the session separately the topics for which they had prepared.

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The main topics discussed by the students were the Brexit referendum, the challenges of Europe in the coming years, the Cyprus problem, while the discussions focused on the refugee problem that concerns Greece.

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