Famagusta is also betting on a casino

casino slots 1 NewsIt is imperative to claim a share in the pie of creating casinos. The President of the Tourist Promotion, Andreas Evangelou, pointed out that the creation and operation of casinos should be done where the tourist infrastructure already exists… The Free Province of Famagusta feels neglected in terms of the development of infrastructure projects.

Following the announcement of the Minister of Finance, Kiki Kazamia, for the licensing of casinos in Cyprus, the Free Province of Famagusta is urgently requesting a share in the claim pie.

In his statements to "SIMERINI", the President of the Tourism Promotion and Development of the Free Province of Famagusta, Andreas Evangelou, pointed out that the creation and operation of casinos should be done "where the tourist infrastructure already exists. Because through these casinos, winter tourism should be strengthened more than summer tourism. In other words, casinos should be created in tourist areas, such as the Free Province of Famagusta, Limassol and Paphos, where the tourist will be able to stay where all the necessary tourist infrastructure exists ". He stressed, in fact, that before any decisions are made by the competent bodies, all the necessary studies should be done so that the right decisions can be made regarding the place of creation and operation of casinos.

At the same time, he reminded that the province of Famagusta "is adjacent to the occupied areas where there are casinos and therefore the creation of a casino in the area will keep the number of tourists and Cypriots who now frequent the Turkish Cypriot casinos of the occupied of the Carpathians ".

He added, in fact, that the tourism that will attract the creation of casinos is mainly from Israel, where the laws are very strict and there is already an increased tourist wave of Israelis, who come to the occupied areas of Cyprus for casinos.

At the same time, he expressed his assessment that in terms of competitiveness, Famagusta should have its own casino to support winter tourism, where the region is currently dying of tourism.

In fact, he stated that no one will seek to go to an area of ​​Cyprus which does not have the appropriate hotel complexes.

The creation of a casino in the Free Province of Famagusta is considered of the utmost importance by all the municipalities and communities of the area.

Tourism suffers in winter

The Free Province of Famagusta feels neglected in terms of the development of important infrastructure projects that will help attract tourism during the winter. Mr. Evangelou, referring to the infrastructure projects that need to be developed in the province, appeared unwavering in the immediate implementation of such projects, since, as he said, the Free Province of Famagusta suffers during the winter in terms of tourism. As he stressed, the Famagusta region is also seeking and claiming its own share in terms of its own infrastructure projects, which need to be done in Cyprus.

He clarified, in fact, that although there has been a significant improvement in the image of the region, mainly for the last 5-6 years, which came from the private sector, the state, despite the pressure it receives from the municipalities and communities Free Province of Famagusta for the promotion of infrastructure projects, however there was no development.

The president of the Tourist Promotion and Development of the Free Province of Famagusta explained, in fact, that so far no golf license has been granted despite the region's aspirations to create golf courses. As Mr. Evangelou clarified, "there is already a request for the creation of golf courses by the hoteliers of the area, but some skillfully in our opinion, and I am not talking about the government but the technocratic sector, is constantly obstructing the whole issue. "While we had also prepared an environmental study, they now came to ask us to prepare a second one, which delays their creation."

Necessary projects

KEY infrastructure projects that serve the development of the tourist product of the province of Famagusta are, among others, the utilization of the river Liopetri, the remodeling of the coastal area of ​​Cape Greco and the creation of more nature trails.

While an important parameter for attracting sports tourism, especially during the winter months, is the construction of new football fields, swimming pools and indoor multipurpose halls, within the framework of European standards.

With the implementation of the above projects, the region aspires to improve the level of services to its tourist audience, and to increase its competitiveness.

Concluding, Mr. Evangelou stated that all the above projects are deemed necessary and immediate, since the tourist who will come to Cyprus for vacation will come primarily for the sun and its sea, but will seek to see and meet and other similar tourist products of our place, thus utilizing its holidays, especially during the winter season. Source: sigmailive.com