Lecture on cancer by the Municipality of Sotiras

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The Culture Committee of the Municipality of Sotira organizes the lecture dedicated to the World Cancer Day: "Cancer: Myths and Facts" with rapporteur the Pathologist-Oncologist and Member of Parliament of AKEL, Dr. Adamos Adamou the Tuesday 25 February 2014, and time 19:00 at the Municipal Theater Sotiras.

An artistic program will follow with the Sotiras Children's Municipal Choir and the Sotiras Children's Choir "The Little Rebetes".

Dr. Adamos Adamou:
Pathologist - Oncologist Former Member of Parliament (March 2003 - June 2004) and MEP (June 2004 - July 2009) now Member of Parliament 2011 - 2016. Born in Limassol on 30.10.1950. He graduated from Laniteio High School in Limassol in 1968 and studied Medicine at the University of Athens (1976). Speak English. Married to Phaedra Lerni with four children. He specialized in Pathology - Oncology and served in Hospitals in Athens, America and Cyprus. Today he continues to practice his specialty privately. He is a member of many committees related to Health and has participated in a number of publications on cancer.
In the European Parliament were:
1. Member of the Committee on Health, Environment & Food Safety
2. Alternate member of the Committee on Civil Liberties
3. Member of the Euro-Mediterranean Interparliamentary Delegation of the EP
4. Chairman of the Interparliamentary Committee on Relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council
5. Co-chair of the MEPS AGAINST CANCER group
6. Vice President of the working group for EC Health.
7. Member of the team for Breast Cancer EC
8. Co-chair of the European Parliament Cardiovascular Diseases Group
9. Participation in the writing of the 2 EP resolutions on Breast Ca
Today is:
1. Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Cyprus Cancer Association and member of the Board.
2. President of the Center for Hematological Malignancies
3. Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Karaiskaki Foundation
4. Chairman of the National Committee for the Cancer Strategy in Cyprus
5. President of the European Association of Oncologists for Developing Countries for Cancer (ESMO)
6. Member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology
7. Member of the Health Committee of the House of Representatives
8. Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on the Environment
9. Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and European Affairs
Awards - Distinctions:
1. Society - Psychosocial Oncology (Athens - 2003)
2. Scientist of the Year (2004)
3. Cyprus Studies Center (2005)
4. Cyprus Ecologists Movement (2005 & 2009)
5. Europa Donna Cyprus (2006)
6. AKEL (2009)
7. European Parliament (2009)
8. Cyprus Cancer Association (2010)
9. Award from the European Association of Oncologists for his contribution to the development of Oncology in Europe and developing countries (2012).