Signatures are falling for Ayia Napa marina

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The multi-year effort to build a marina in Ayia Napa is starting again, as those directly involved seem to have overcome their doubts and declare that they are now ready to move forward… 

As the president of the "Napa" consortium, Gerasimos Karamontanis, stated to StockWatch, on April 27 the signatures of the contract between the consortium and the Ministry of Commerce will fall and immediately after the consortium will start the procedures for securing the planning permission and promoting the construction of the project.

Mr. Karamontanis also explained that there was a slight delay before setting the date of signing the contracts because two of the four companies that make up the consortium had doubts about the construction period of the project due to the financial crisis.

"Any disagreements that have arisen are now a thing of the past," he said, "so the Napa consortium, having in its hands the bank guarantee, goes to the Ministry of Commerce in two weeks to sign the contract and assign the project."

He also said that the consortium's lawyers conveyed the good news to the Minister of Commerce yesterday, the last day of the deadline given to the consortium to bridge its differences and make its decisions.

The "Napa" consortium consists of the company Karamontani Brothers with 49%, Atlas Pantou with 20%, C&A Toumazis with 20% and Fama Marina with 11%.

The cost of the project which will be constructed in the area "Luma" between Ayia Napa and Agia Thekla has been budgeted at € 220 million, while it will provide the possibility of mooring 600 boats.

According to those in charge, it will also include villas, offices, a naval club, swimming pools, parks and 700 parking spaces.

Ayia Napa Marina is one of the five that have been planned for years in free Cyprus. So far, only that of Limassol has started to be built, at a cost of € 350 million.

Source: stockwatch