How does Europe react after the "yes" to the referendum?

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Europe is making its first comments numb after the "yes" vote in the referendum and while Turkey seems to be divided.

The president of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, Guy Verhofstadt, commented on his marginal "yes" in a Twitter post. Verhofstadt expressed the view that if Erdogan insists on views on a constitutional review, then the EU should suspend any accession talks with Turkey.

The Council of Europe has indicated that the Turkish leadership should take its next steps seriously, given the small difference in the result of the referendum on strengthening the powers of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

"Turkey's electorate has voted for the constitutional revision. "In the face of the small difference in the result, the Turkish leadership must carefully consider its next steps," Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjern Jagland said in a statement broadcast by Reuters.

"It is of the utmost importance to ensure the independence of the judiciary in full alignment with the rule of law as enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights. "The Council of Europe, of which Turkey is a full member, is ready to support the country in this process," the statement added.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel reassured. "It seems that the result will be ambiguous, as expected. Whatever the outcome of the vote of the Turkish citizens, it would be good to remain calm and move forward in a logical and prudent way. "It is good that the election campaign, which was conducted in such a bitter climate, even here in Germany, is now over."

"Now that Turkey has obviously gone the wrong way in terms of the European point of view, we need to re-evaluate our relationship, and in particular this means that the EU accession talks with Turkey that we are still holding can no longer continue," he said of the European People's Party in the European Parliament Manfred Weber.

"We want normalcy to prevail in Turkey, so that the necessary decisions can be made on the Cyprus issue," said Cypriot government spokesman Nikos Christodoulidis.

In Athens the first reaction was from Potami. "We hope that it will not slip into more authoritarian forms of government but for the benefit of peace and stability in the region," said associates of Stavros Theodorakis.

"We look forward to a Turkey that will contribute to stability and peace in our region, we look forward to a Turkey that will not only maintain but also be able to strengthen its ties with Europe," said New Democracy Foreign Minister George Koumoutsakos. .