Arrest warrants for the Ayia Napa murder

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Impressive moves or a quick response from the Police?

The issuance of arrest warrants for the five-time murder in Ayia Napa last Friday, will proceed with the Police, even during the day, while the Chief of the corps states that "the Police do not collude"… 

After a meeting at the Police Headquarters in the presence of the Minister of Justice and Public Order, Lucas Lucas stated at a press conference that in a long meeting in the morning with all involved services, the available material was evaluated, investigations are well under way and its investigation case will continue until full investigation. "It has been decided to request specific arrest warrants against specific individuals."

Asked how many arrest warrants we are talking about, the minister said that the number does not matter, while in repeated questions to journalists, Mr. Lukas did not want to go into details, saying that "more details may harm the further investigation of the case." "Certainly these people have been located by the Police," he stressed.

He said that the warrants will be issued immediately, while when asked if arrests are expected in the next few hours, he said "the warrants will be issued". The priority, he said, is to investigate the case and it has not been investigated whether the persons against whom the warrants will be issued are related to other cases. That will happen later, he said. Asked if he was close to finding out about this murder, Mr. Lucas replied: "Of course. That is why we are proceeding with warrants ". The results of scientific examinations are also being evaluated, while other examinations are expected, he noted.

The police know how many perpetrators there were and how many weapons there were, but at this stage they do not want to go into details, he said. Asked why then, at this stage, he announces the issuance of warrants to be issued, the Minister of Justice replied that there has been a flurry of phone calls to him, the Police and the investigators of the case lately and to stop this they decided to announce the issuance of warrants . "It is an issue that has shaken public opinion in Cyprus, which is why we said it must end quickly." He continued, he continued, more than 100 police officers from all police services to investigate this case and that is why they came to this result so soon.

Speaking at this point, Police Chief Michalis Papageorgiou said that if any testimony they have is made public, "it is like telling any perpetrators to destroy our existing testimony." We decided that we should inform you at this stage, after the meeting, he said, noting that if there is anything new they will call a press conference again, "but this information should not be to the detriment of the examinations. That should be everyone's goal. "

Journalists remark that they too are being bombarded by others that the Police are not doing their job well and in the reporting of statements on a private channel, Sigma, by four former Chiefs and Ministers of Justice that "we have reached this situation because the Police are not doing well. its job ", the current Minister replied:" when they were Chiefs and Ministers what did they do? "Where was the crime?" The Police in a record time has investigated and investigated this case, has suspects and will issue warrants and continues the further investigation until the full investigation, added Mr. Loukas.

For his part, the Chief of Police stated that our membership in the EU was also exploited by criminal elements. The roadblocks were opened, he continued, "did anyone say that the opening of the roadblocks was not good? "But this drilling was exploited by the criminal elements themselves." It is proven, he added, in all countries that the economic crisis is increasing crime. The crime is increasing and at the same time the obligations of the Police are increasing, he said, noting that on the other hand, the numerical power, the equipment and the available funds are limited.

The challenge of the same to everyone, without being his predecessors - as he clarified - is "if there is something they can suggest to us to become more effective, to suggest to us. If we do not, then we will be exposed. When someone judges and criticizes us, tell us what he would do if he were in our position today, with today's data. "Judging from the safe is very easy for all of us."

Asked how he sees the factions evolving over the years and whether they have gained more and more momentum, the Chief of Police said that for a year now the Constitution has been amended to monitor telephones. Talking to colleagues, he asked them - he said - how they work without this weapon. He also mentioned the lack of closed circuits in the cities, saying that again their colleagues abroad asked them how they work.

Without implying that electronic gambling is involved in the murder case, Mr. Papageorgiou said that for three years now, the Police have been putting pressure on the law to be passed. "Is it the fault of the Police that this law is not passed? We have asked many times to be able to close premises, so that neither the premises nor the manager can operate such premises again. Let them give us the weapons and if we do not become effective let them judge us and let them criticize us ".

But, he continued, they are left with far fewer weapons than all the other countries in the world and the EU, but they are determined. "And let anyone tell us that we hesitated to deal with anyone or something specific had to be done and we failed to do it. Not for everyone to judge from the safe ".

Concluding, the Chief of Police said that they want the cooperation of the public. "We have the weapons, we are determined for everything. For everything. We have never been isolated, in Cypriot. "And let no one tell us that we are stuck," he said.