Stop at beach service rentals

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The complaint of some municipal actors of Geroskipou to the Auditor General on the issue of leasing the municipal beach to businessmen, after its transfer from the CTO to the Municipality of Geroskipou, contributed to revealing a development-bomb for all municipal authorities.

In a letter of the Audit Service to the mayor of Geroskipou, it is pointed out that from now on and based on community and memorandum obligations, the municipalities of Cyprus will not have the right to rent beach services to individuals, ie beds and beach umbrellas.

On the contrary, it is pointed out in the letter of the Auditor General, dated February 27, that each municipality should proceed on its own with the commercial exploitation of these services, since the ongoing memorandum arrangements found that it was financially unprofitable for the local authorities and therefore for public finances the assignment of these services to individuals, either directly or even by tender.

This settlement, it is pointed out, will be formalized after the decision of the Supreme Court, before which the review of the relevant draft law by the President of the Republic is pending.

This important development arose essentially "from scratch". And this, since the complaint of the agents of the Municipality of Geroskipos did not concern the "beach services", that is, umbrellas and beds, but the rent for 5 + 5 years of the restaurant of the municipal beach. The misunderstanding, however, contributed to the revelation through the letter of the Audit Office of the new framework, according to which the tenants of these services in Geroskipou, some of whom are over 20 years old on the beach, will no longer have the right to exploit commercial spaces in addition to dining areas.