Dimitris Christofi: "The late Giannakis Ioannou helped me start my career"

a 4598 Nea Famagusta
a 4598 Nea Famagusta

Dimitris Christofi, the star of Omonia from Sotira, gave an interview to Vantage magazine in the province of Famagusta, in which he commented on the latest developments in Cyprus, revealed his plans for the end of his football career and talked about those who helped him continue. from Onisilos to the big halls of the Cyprus Championship.

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His name is known even to people who do not know much about football. The reason for the 24-year-old Dimitris Christofis, a child of rare football value and character. A footballer who, in addition to great talent, also has elements such as humility, patience, intelligence as well as technique which complement the package of a promising player, where his talent has crossed the Cypriot borders.

First of all, is it true that you are bored of talking about football?

It's not that I'm bored talking about football, it 's my biggest passion, but I're not going to just talk about it. He understands that in Cyprus they love this particular sport and that he understands a large part of our discussions, mainly of men, but there is no such thing.

What conversations will someone in your company hear?

For all the themes of life. Talk about your jobs, about football, about society, about the future.

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You live in Nicosia. How much has your life changed?

I have been living in Nicosia for the last five years. I do not think that my way of life has changed somewhat. Football has always existed in your life, from your adolescence and the time that is shaped according to the training schedule. However, I do not have a problem with this. This is how I have learned to be your life.

What does your diet include?

I do not follow a diet as I pay enough attention. I will not eat fries and sweets on an ionic basis. Okay, I think the organization is still very small, very good and I can not say that it lacks things. I eat everything, but in moderation.

How did it all start? Who discovered your talent?

I started going to the stadium because of my brother Ios. My brother was in the first group in Sotira and I was going to the academies. The truth is that I stood out from the rest and at the age of 15 I competed in the first team, something that does not happen often. The next year I started normally in the first group, coached by Apostolos Makridis, the man who believed in you and helped me the most. Then I went to the army, and in collaboration with the late Giannakis Ioannou, they helped me to join the Paralinio team and then to Oonia.

What is your advice to those who want to play football professionally?

When they were on Onisilos, too many coaches came to watch the game and they all told him that he was not good enough. Among these coaches was Oonia, which after a year did not buy from Paralini for a million. I could have been disappointed and stopped, but I did not give up and continued. This is my advice to those who love and want to play football professionally. Do not put them down.

How are you before each race?

He is quite calm, he is not anxious and I think that is his priority.

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Does Demetrius believe in God? Or to some higher power that brought him here?

I believe a lot in God, in his power but also in luck. For example, it is a matter of luck that you do not have an injury that will cost you your exit from the field.

Would you change teams? What is the ingredient that would make you make this decision?

There may be a thought but I would not change groups in Cyprus. Your thoughts are now directed abroad.

You recently had a proposal from a Russian group that you declined. What is the reason why one can reject one of the best groups?

There were several factors. It was something that happened at the last minute and I think it would be trivial for me to make such a decision in such a short time.

Aren't you a risk taker?

I like to take risks, I love change but I want it to be done on my own terms.

How important is money in the contracts you make?

They definitely play an important role. As much as you want to hide it, it is not possible. For example, I would not go to another Cypriot group or to a group abroad for the same money. I prefer to be in Cyprus, in the team that believed in you and that I loved so much.

Have you been influenced by everything that is happening today in Cyprus?

Financially I can not say that I was only psychologically affected by the general climate that prevails a lot. It is my country, its people, I am not interested in its development because through all this my own course is affected, as well as that of all Cypriot citizens.

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There is a difference between a Cypriot and a foreign footballer in a Cyprus team.

Foreign footballers have priorities and this is my complaint because I believe that Cypriots have more talent than foreigners. However, they prefer the latter because, for example, I may have started from the Savior while the foreigner may have started from a large group in Europe.

Do you think that Cypriot footballers have more passion when they play?

I think you wanted it more. The foreigners who will come here are to end their career in us, it is their last stop.

What Can Throw Your Psychology?

When you are on the pitch and playing football there is nothing that will affect you either negatively or positively. He is focused on what I do and everything else is off the field.

What would you like to be etched in your memory forever?

It is the moment I met her fiancée and all the moments I lived with her. A man who is next to you in recent years and whom you will marry in a few months.

Do you deal with social media? How does the world express its love?

I have Facebook but I only have it for a few friends. I have no communication with the world in this way. In between, you can not have. It's not just about the good, the problem is mainly about the bad. The fans of a team are very easy, in a matter of seconds, with one mistake, to forget all the good things, all your course and start to cheer you on.

In this way, however, you do not avoid reality?

You thought I had three thousand friends, played a bad game and then went home to rest and see messages from disgruntled fans. I prefer to be distanced. I respect and appreciate the opinion of the fans of the team but because I am influenced I prefer to be at a distance. If you have not experienced it, you can not understand.

Do you feel proud of what you achieve?

I have dreamed of all that I live and even more. I think I could do better. He is ambitious and I always want to surpass myself. I will not rest on the fact that I have reached a very good point. Sky is the limit.

As we all know, a football career has an end. What are your plans for Peta?

I do not think I could do anything other than football. I would like to deal with training. This is the future and my goals.

Source: Vantage Magazine