Greece: Thriller with two Turkish coup plotters arrested

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Athens: In the last few hours, a thriller is in progress in the area of ​​Alexandroupolis, starring two Turkish officers who were wanted in their country.

The two are accused by the government of involvement in a plot to assassinate President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the night of the July 15, 2016 coup attempt. Erdogan was on holiday, with the aim of arresting him.

Who are the two officers?

According to rumors, he is a flying captain of the Turkish Air Force, who participated in the team that went to Maramarida. After the coup failed, the group tried to escape, but its members were arrested within a few weeks. This officer was detached from this group and escaped arrest. According to Turkish media reports, his father and sister, who live in Izmir, escaped and were last seen on an intercity bus outside Eskişehir bound for Kiutahya or Afyonkarahisar.

The other officer is, according to the same estimates, a lieutenant colonel of the Startu Air Force who served as commander of an Attack Helicopter Battalion and coordinated their action on the night of the coup.

The two Turkish soldiers allegedly submitted an asylum application three days ago without specifying when and where they entered our country, as a result of which they were arrested and their application is pending.

Information from the Ministry of Civil Protection claims that the Turkish authorities do not specify why the specifics are wanted, but it seems that they entered Greece on Monday, however information that so far is not confirmed by official lips say that the Turkish investigations say that there is a serious possibility to belong to the group of soldiers who were preparing the assassination attempt against Tayyip Erdogan last summer.

The moves of the Greek authorities are cautious as the case requires delicate handling in the already tense climate that exists between Greece and Turkey.

The report leaked, shortly after the question of "Vimatos"

Algerian impression is caused by the actions of the staff of the Hellenic Police and the Ministry of Public Order to leak -as it seems- on the site of an evening newspaper the news about the arrest and asylum application -from February 17- of two Turks wanted for participating in the assassination attempt on Tago shortly after the submission of a relevant request for further information of the "Step".

"To Vima" had known about the incident for at least three days and was investigating thoroughly and seriously the relevant important event.

On Thursday at noon and in view of the publication of the Sunday paper, the journalist Vassilis G. Lambropoulos contacted top officials of Katehaki Avenue, for the overall handling of the issue by the Greek authorities and not only. This is given that it obviously concerns "sensitive national issues, with important political and diplomatic implications."

However, Katehaki's staff reserved the right to respond and promised information and a new discussion as soon as possible.

Instead, a short time later, there was a post on the site of the relevant news, noting that "the Greek government is closely monitoring these actions and it is self-evident that it will not allow the internal disputes of Turkey to be" transferred "to the country."

The time of the publication of a special issue that has existed for six days, just an hour after the meetings of the journalist of "Vimatos" on Katehaki Avenue, can obviously not be considered coincidental.

And as it seems, many consider the priority not the structured, based on national interests, journalistic research by "To Vima" but the expediencies and the government priorities in the media.