Pharmacy at home: The essentials

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It is absolutely useful for every home to have a pharmacy with the necessary medicines needed for first aid and for the medicines that a family member may need due to a possible chronic illness from which he suffers.

Where should the pharmacy be located?
The pharmacy should be kept out of the reach of small children. We usually use the tallest kitchen cabinet. The pharmacy must definitely be locked, because children have a way to reach the highest point of the house !! You should also keep in mind that the place where you will store medicines should not be damp and the sun should not cover it.

What it should contain.
• Painkillers and antipyretics.
• Syrup for colds and coughs.
• Ointment for burns.
• Ointment for allergies.
• Sterile gauze.
• Cotton.
• Plaster.
• Alcohol.
• Iodine.
• Bandage.
• Antidiarrheal drugs for adults.
• You do NOT need to store antibiotics.
• You will also keep the medicines your child may need because he or she has a chronic illness. For example, children with epilepsy take daily medication and at the same time need special first aid medication in case they have seizures. The same goes for children with asthma or children with diabetes, etc.

Pharmacy maintenance rules.
1. Check the expiration date of all the medicines you have at the pharmacy at regular intervals (every six months).
2. Discard all expired medicines and renew them with new ones if they are useful for the family.
3. Throw away the medicines given to you for a specific condition and you no longer need them.