Thousands of police officers available as "participants in the coup" in Turkey

CEB1 12 News, Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey
CEB1 352 News, Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey

Turkish authorities have made 9.103 police officers available, CNN Türk reported, as part of an ongoing investigation into the relationship between a member of the state apparatus and a self-proclaimed Muslim preacher who, according to Ankara, was the mastermind of the coup. July 2016.

Following the military coup attempt, Turkish authorities arrested more than 40.000 people and dismissed, dismissed or made available another 120.000 in various sectors — from police, army, judiciary and public sector officials as private educators. and others — for their alleged links to the Gulen religious sect, which Ankara now calls a terrorist organization.

Earlier today, more than 1.000 people were detained in a large-scale police operation in 72 Turkish provinces.

Source: Newsbeast