How to take unforgettable photos on your travels

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With around 150 million active users, Instagram has become the most popular way for people to "record" their lives.

Last year, among the most photographed places in the world, with the help of this application, were some airports, amusement parks, the Eiffel Tower, Times Square in New York and a baseball field.

CNN reporter and avid Instagram user Jethro Mullen shares with his 787.948 followers some secrets on how to make the most of your mobile phone camera when traveling:

1. Climb somewhere high

Everyone looks completely different from above. Climb the roofs of buildings, hotels, observatories, bridges, etc. and see the world below you from another angle, and with a different eye.

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If shooting through a window, place the camera lens as close to the glass as possible to reduce unwanted reflections of light.

2. Learn from the locals

No one knows a place better than its inhabitants. You can discover unique locations for unique photos by following the hashtags, geotags and feeds of local Instagram users.

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When Jethro Mullen visited Atlanta in the USA, a photographer he knew via Instagram directed him to where to find the stairs you see in the photo above.

3. Observe everything around you as you move

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The architecture and the people you will meet at airports, railway stations, etc. while moving from one place to another they provide rich "photographic opportunities and possibilities".

4. Get lost

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Do not go from one tourist attraction to another. Some of your most memorable photographic experiences (and more) happen when you. Serve in the military.

Close the map, take a wrong turn and discover the world around you.

5. Equip yourself with the appropriate supplies

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There are many gadgets that will help you make the most of your mobile phone camera.

Lenses like Olloclip let you play with angles and perspectives, while tripods like GorillaPod let you take long exposure photos with apps like Average Camera Pro and Slow Shutter Cam.

6. Use the applications correctly

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Editing applications such as Snapseed, Afterlight and VSCO Cam allow you to "play" with brightness, saturation, contrast and other aspects.

7. Do not be disappointed by bad weather

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The rain may not be your best "companion" on a trip, but a rainy landscape can give you very interesting photographic views.

Look at the sky… and get inspired!

8. Schedule sunsets and sunrises

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The Sun Seeker app tells you exactly when the Sun is predicted to rise or set. So you can customize your schedule accordingly and be at the right time in the right place for some memorable photos.