The first outdoor gym was operated by the Municipality of Ayia Napa

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With the installation of five fitness equipment, which was completed yesterday at the Missing Park, the Municipality of Ayia Napa created for its citizens and visitors, the first outdoor gym, while soon a second will operate in the land area of ​​the port near the Lyceum of Greek Women.

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A written announcement states that "with the creation of outdoor gyms, the Municipality of Ayia Napa wants to give the opportunity to its citizens of all ages to exercise in nature throughout the day, reaping all the benefits that exercise offers to the mental and physical health".

The five fitness equipment selected by the Municipality, is added in the announcement "are specially designed and manufactured to train every muscle mass of the body without the supervision of a specialist trainer. The organs are safe with certificates of suitability and meet European standards, so that any risk of injury is negligible. "

The instruments available at the Missing Park are Butterfly Machine, which aims to activate and strengthen the lower extremities and back, the Massaging Device, used to massage the waist and back, to relieve and relax muscles and improve the circulatory system. There is also Abdominal Muscle which is suitable for exercising the vertebrae and joints and enhances the flexibility and proper functioning of the individual muscle groups, the Ski Training Machine which activates the lower extremities of the middle vertebrae and the Supine Press which is suitable for strengthening breast and dorsal extremities.

Next to each fitness instrument "there will be a blueprint that will explain how it works. There will also be an explanatory sign informing the public about the specific part of the body that is exercising and the benefits that it will gain by using it ".

Source: KYPE