Mercury returns with an increase from Sunday

2011 11 05 10 34 11 d797559ce0784eba8e157d4e7612d9c5 News
2011 11 05 10 34 11 d797559ce0784eba8e157d4e7612d9c5 NewsLast October's rainfall was moderate, but on the whole last year's hydrological year ended at very satisfactory levels. According to official statistics… the rainfall last October was only 13,3 millimeters which corresponds to 41% of the normal for the month, which is 32,7 millimeters. This harvest brings the month quite low in the overall ranking of the last 110 years, despite the fact that the rainfall was a little more than in October 2010. On the contrary, October 2009 was much rainier with a rainfall of 40,3 mm, while the best of all in terms of rainfall was October 1942 with a rainfall of 130,7 mm, while on the contrary the worst was that of 1964 with minimal rainfall. Regarding the total hydrometeorological year from October 1, 2010 to September 30, 2011, the results were quite satisfactory, as the total rainfall exceeded 90% of normal. Specifically, the total rainfall of the year was 464,9 mm, covering 92% of the normal for the year. As for the weather conditions for the next days, according to the forecasts of the Meteorological Service, from tomorrow the weather changes mood and becomes clear, while the rise of mercury is expected. The relatively low pressure system that affects our area, resulted in a drop in mercury, especially yesterday. Specifically, today the weather will be mostly clear in many areas, but locally increased clouds are expected to give isolated rains. The temperature will rise to 20 degrees inland, around 22 on the coast and 10 degrees in the higher mountains. Source: