The City Hall of Livadia is involved in virtual weddings

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The case of the virtual marriages of foreigners examined by the Nicosia TAE, which has already arrested eight people and is looking for two others, is under full investigation. The first suspect in the Pakistani-based criminal case was brought before a Nicosia District Court yesterday, and a large number of forged documents used to perform virtual marriages were found in his possession. The court renewed his detention order for another five days, at which point he is expected to be charged.

According to TAE investigator Mario Cannauro, the suspect has assisted the Police inquiries and investigations, while revealing that behind the fictitious marriages is a circuit with two Cypriot lawyers and three other foreigners, who are preparing the forged documents used for both the descent into Cyprus of women from European countries who are willing to spend money on virtual marriages with foreigners from third countries, so that the latter become European citizens by marriage.

Mr. Cannauros testified in court yesterday that 62 suspects in possession of 22 files of foreigners were found in possession of the suspect, indicating that fictitious marriages took place between foreign third countries and women from European countries, mainly Romania. These documents include forged residence permits.

There are also marriage certificates issued at the City Hall of Livadia, as well as affidavits certified by the District Courts of Nicosia and Paphos. At the same time, examinations are being conducted in town halls to determine whether the marriages mentioned in the above documents took place.

Meanwhile, five Romanian women have been detained in Cyprus for being nymphs. A Cypriot lawyer is also in custody, as well as a private clerk, who, however, denies any involvement in the case.