Dozens of migrants killed in a car crash in Mexico were stacked in a truck

Another 62 migrants continue to be treated

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One of the people injured in the accident in which a truck carrying hidden illegal immigrants to southern Mexico was involved died on Tuesday, the authorities announced, increasing the death toll from the victims of last week's tragedy to 56.

The Ministry of Health of the southern Mexican state of Chiapas said in a press release that it succumbed to complications from the "craniocerebral and thoracic injuries" it suffered. Authorities are investigating the identity and nationality of the immigrant, one of 160 people who were traveling, stacked in a truck tug, on the Chiapa Highway on December 9th.

Authorities have identified 19 of the 56 people killed in the crash, the deadliest such migrant incident in Mexico. Another 62 migrants continue to be treated.

After the accident in Chiapas, the Government stressed that since October, there have been three operations in which some 1.400 migrants were found in truck trailers, among them around 200 minors. Mexican authorities recorded more than 190.000 arrivals of undocumented migrants between January and September, three times as many as in the corresponding period of 2020.