Mount Athos: Two dead in a few days from coronavirus - 59-year-old intubated monk dies

 Last Saturday, Mount Athos was in the first place nationwide of the areas with the most cases of coronavirus

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Mount Athos was "sunk" in mourning as Fr. Panteleimon, a monk from the Holy Hut of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (little Agia Anna), ended up at the age of 59 coronavirus.

By posting it on Facebook, the official page of Iera Kalyvi posted a text related to the loss of the 59-year-old.

"We would like to thank you for everyone's prayers and to inform you that, God Almighty today Sunday 07/11/2021 (N.H.) at 09:30 a.m. took him to him at the age of 59. Let us all wish, for the rest of the soul of the servant of God Panteleimon the Monk.

"Good heavens, our beloved brother !!!", he said.

See the post:

According to, in addition to Father Panteleimon, a few days ago Father Dionysios also passed away from the Skete of Agia Anna, who, in fact, was the first victim of the fourth wave of the coronavirus on Mount Athos and the 8th in total since the beginning of the pandemiclet. After the death of Fr. Panteleimon, the number increased to 9.

Last Saturday, October 30, Mount Athos figured in the first place nationwide of the areas with the most cases in proportion of population, with 8 cases, corresponding to 441,74 per 100.000 inhabitants.


Source: Protothema