Struggle for the missing BBC presenter in Symi

The disappearance of BBC presenter Michael Mosley takes on thriller proportions

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According to an official cited by the Guardian, the disappearance of BBC presenter Michael Mosley, whose traces have been lost in Symi since Wednesday, is taking on thriller dimensions.

"It's crazy, it doesn't make sense. How can someone disappear in broad daylight? If something had happened to him, we would have found him either on the path or near the path he took to return to the port of Gialos where he was staying with friends," this official told the British newspaper.

A local resident who spoke to BBC Radio 5 Live about the area where Mosley's tracks were lost said "it's a path that goes up the mountain but it's recently been dug up and there's only one road so it's impossible to get lost or lose your way . It is not a route that is very difficult when you start the descent. It is a route that tourists who come to Symi do every day."

It is noted that the British presenter started his route while the island had temperatures of 36 degrees Celsius.

The Daily Mail's graphic on Mosley's disappearance

The investigations

Firefighters and police officers from Symi and Rhodes with the help of a drone "comb" the area looking for the 67-year-old presenter who was in Greece on vacation. On Thursday afternoon, a helicopter arrived in Symi to support the investigations.

The investigation is complicated by the fact that, according to information, the missing person did not have his mobile phone with him as both he and his wife had left them at the house where they lived.

What preceded

It all started at midday on Wednesday, when Mosley informed his group (his wife and a friendly couple) that he would start from the beach of Agios Nikolaos in order to return to the house where he lived in Gyalos, but never returned. A few hours later, his wife mobilized the authorities. His disappearance became known in Britain and the country's major media made the news known through emergency updates.



Local group of Symi Symi posted a photo of the doctor writing: “Have you seen this man? He started walking back from Agios Nikolaos at about 13:30 and failed to return home. His friends are worried as it has been 6 hours since they last saw him. His name is Dr Mike Mosley and he is a familiar face to many Britons."

It was his wife - also a doctor - Claire Bailey, who raised the alarm after realizing he had not returned by 7.30 on Wednesday afternoon and local authorities began investigating his route overnight, but were unable to trace him. detect. On Thursday morning, 62-year-old Bailey made a missing person report to the police.

"In my opinion, the research should continue in the sea as well. Pedi is a central point, it has been very well searched, if it was to be found there, it would have been found. We need to focus our research on the sea as well. Unfortunately, nothing has been found yet..." the mayor of Symi tells The mayor of Symi is close to the investigations of the authorities and is constantly informed.

Who is Michael Mosley?

The 67-year-old British journalist, Michael Mosley, whose traces have been lost since yesterday afternoon in Symi, is famous in his homeland as a "television doctor". Mosley studied Medicine at the University of London. As he has stated in the past, he has practiced the medical profession, but journalism won him over. However, he claims that he tries to combine both.

For the last 25 years he has been working on television, he is a documentary maker, as well as an award-winning science journalist.

He is married and the father of four children. The 62-year-old doctor, Claire Bailey, is the "great love of his life", as he sometimes says of his wife. Both write articles in the "Daily Mail" newspaper, as the British press writes.

Recently, the well-known British journalist released a book, under the title: "Fast Sleep", on the topic of the role of nutrition in improving sleep, revealing that he himself suffered from chronic insomnia. The British Medical Association has named him "medical reporter of the year" for a ground-breaking program on Helicobacter pylori, as reported by the BBC.

In his hometown, Dr. Mosley is known for appearing on TV programs such as 'This Morning' and 'The One Show'. He also presents the health podcast 'Just One Thing' for the BBC.

His popularity skyrocketed when he explained the effectiveness of the 5:2 diet for weight loss, which involves "fasting" for two days a week. In the past, he was one of the presenters of the BBC series 'Trust Me, I'm A Doctor'. Most recently, he presented two series for 'Channel 4', 'Secrets Of Your Big Shop' and 'Who Made Britain Fat?'

Dr. Mosley has produced several studies on the benefits of high-intensity exercise and the health impact of e-cigarettes. In addition, he has occasionally been concerned with issues such as whether sugar is the new cigarette, how much alcohol we should be consuming and whether we should be concerned about air pollution. As reported by the BBC, Dr. Michael Mosley has done a lot of research looking at the benefits of eating oily fish, whether cooking with turmeric can help prevent cancer, and how to increase vitamin D levels.