Bloody attack by juvenile stabbers

The three perpetrators, waving knives, attacked a group of young people, stabbing one of them in the face.

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Cases of juvenile delinquency tend to occur almost daily. In the early hours of Monday, a group of young people in Burnazi were attacked with knives by a gang of minors.

In fact, there was a minor in the gang with a serious criminal record.

They stabbed him in the face

The group of young people was on Agias Paraskevi Street, below Bournaziou Square, when the three perpetrators approached them, waving knives and attacked them, stabbing one of them in the face.

They then removed their wallets and three mobile phones, and boarded a vehicle in an attempt to escape.

Chase by the police

Police officers who were informed about the incident rushed to the spot and located the vehicle in which the perpetrators were riding and the pursuit began.

The police finally managed to arrest one of the perpetrators, but the minor who was identified by the victims as having participated in the attack and the robbery managed to escape. He has been involved with ELAS many times for thefts, burglaries, while he is known for his "activity" in West Attica.

In fact, he has been arrested several times while he is said to have escaped twice from a detention center in Volos.

The police are talking about a worrying phenomenon

It is noted that a total of two people were transported to the "Georgios Gennimatas" hospital with injuries from a sharp object.

"My colleagues constantly find knives and iron fists in minors. Juvenile delinquency is constantly increasing. Last year we had five cases of juvenile gangs. The phenomenon is worrying. "There are songs that advertise serious crime", commented the president of the Union of Police Officers of Southeastern Attica, George Kalliakmanis, speaking to the Hour MEGA Society.