Greece: Disturbance outside a swimming pool - A man was watching the training of children and masturbating

Mother called the police

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The sight that a woman in Heraklion faced when she took her child to the city's swimming pool yesterday afternoon was shocking.

The 22-year-old woman, while she was in the stands watching her 3-year-old daughter, saw a parked car outside the swimming pool facilities watching the pool where children and teenagers were training at that time.

Looking more closely, the 22-year-old found that the man sitting at the wheel had pulled down his pants and was masturbating.

The woman called the swimming pool managers, who in turn called the police. He himself realized this and moved away from the area, however his identity was identified.

He is a 52-year-old man from Heraklion, who was not arrested yesterday. According to information, the 52-year-old, divorced and father of a minor child, has concerned the authorities for incidents of domestic violence.