A man in Greece is trying to prove that he has not been dead for 18 years

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An incredible story comes to light. A man from Egaleo, has been trying for 18 years to prove that he is… alive, but only the tax office recognizes it…

Giannis Diamantis, the "ghost" man and his wife spoke to ANT1 and the show "Good Morning Greece" about the "Golgotha" they are experiencing, trying to prove the obvious and mainly trying to be vaccinated.

"I even sent an e-mail to the prime minister's office to get vaccinated," the complainant said, "dead", speaking to ANT1. "I can not vote," he said when asked to file a tax return.

"For 18 years we go where we can and one blames the other," his wife described, explaining that despite her husband filing a tax return - all these years - there is nowhere else.

"We sent mail to the prime minister's office to get the vaccine. "I can not vote, but I am making a tax return", said Mr. Diamantis, explaining that "please do the vaccine, because they threaten me that if I do not get the vaccine I will be fired".

When did the problem start?

His "problem" became known to him when 18 years ago he went to the polls and was told that he "could not" and then he found out that he was "dead". He has never voted since.

I went to vote in municipal elections, and they tell me "go to the town hall to get a paper". I go there and they tell me that you can not take the paper because you are dead, it is for laughs "he revealed.

Speaking on the same show, the Undersecretary of Digital Government said that "we will try to give a solution to man", so that he can be vaccinated.

He said it was probably an "incorrect entry in the death certificate".

"I am under the impression that this has not been corrected for so many years," said Mr. Georgantas.

Source: In.gr