Markella abduction - The 34-year-old denies the accusations of sexual abuse

"In my apology I will explain exactly what I gave her"

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The trial for the abduction and abuse of Markella continues in the Mixed Jury Court of Thessaloniki. The 34-year-old actress admitted the charges of kidnapping and drug delivery but denied the charge of sexual abuse.

"I accept the accusations of kidnapping and giving substances to the little one. I deny that it has anything to do with rape, incest and abandonment. "In my apology I will explain exactly what I gave her," the defendant said at the start of the hearing, according to GRTimes.

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The 41-year-old alleged accomplice denied the accusations against him. "I have not seen or touched any children. I did not understand the intentions of the co-accused to assist her. I had no involvement. "