Apostolos Lytras: He had a heated episode in Korydallos with a fellow prisoner

The well-known criminologist was verbally attacked by a fellow prisoner

Screenshot 5 20 Apostolos Lytras, Greece, FYLAKES

Counting just a few days in Korydallos prisons, after the incident of domestic violence involving his wife, the well-known criminologist Apostolos Lytras had his first episode inside the penitentiary.

On Monday night, according to information, shortly after the prisoners were taken to court, one of them approached the criminologist and verbally assaulted him.

"Men don't behave like that" she allegedly shouted at him, while adding that Mr. Lytras should not be in Korydallos and that he should have been remanded in custody in Tripoli.

According to testimonies, the well-known lawyer did not react to what his fellow prisoner told him and headed straight for his cell.

It is recalled that Apostolos Lytras passed through the door of Korydallos prisons after violating the restrictive conditions that had been imposed on him after the brutal beating of his wife, Sofia Polyzogopoulou.

He has requested a transfer, he is preparing an application for parole
A few hours after his remand, Apostolos Lytras had requested through his lawyers to be transferred to another penitentiary, as he claimed there was a risk to his physical integrity, due to the cases he had undertaken in the past.

According to reports, the request for transfer to another prison will be considered, with the most likely destination being Tripoli prisons.

At the same time, the lawyers of Apostolos Lytras are collecting the necessary documents in order to submit a request for release from prison.

Finally, it is worth noting that Mr. Lytras has already received the first visit from his ex-wife and their daughters.