Apostolos Lytras: He confessed to beating his wife, declared that he is mentally ill and was released

The rationale for the decision

Screenshot 4 12 Apostolos Lytras, XYLODARMOS

Against the public's sense of justice, as it has been formed based on the explosion of abuses and incidents of domestic violence, but also from his role as a criminologist and defender of abused women, the investigator and prosecutor decided to release Apostolos Lytras for the brutal beating of her his wife.

The criminologist was released after pleading guilty to beating his wife, a decision that raises questions and concerns about whether anyone can commit violence and then walk around unmolested, claiming he has a psychological problem and needs help. In his first statement after the decision of the investigating officer and the prosecutor, he admitted that he beat his wife and claimed that "I cannot give an explanation" for the incident, adding that he will seek help to heal.

According to information, Apostolos Lytras was imposed the restrictive condition not to approach his wife. In detail, the conditions imposed on Lytra are the obligation to move out of the shared house, where he lives with his wife, a ban on approaching her and the obligation to attend a special psychological support program.

"I confessed my act, I apologized to my wife who I love more than my three daughters. Unfortunately he was in a situation where this incident happened. I still can't give an explanation either. As she also testified, I have never been violent. I will look to see how I can be cured, to ask for help" Apostolos Lytras initially said in his statement.

Statements of Apostolos Lytra

Continuing, the criminologist said that "the act that was done is something that for me is unthinkable. I will seek psychological help, I can't forgive myself for this. No one should be in this situation. You see how sharp I am even to myself."

"I apologize to the whole world, to Sofia and our Koreans, and from there on I want to believe that this issue will be overcome with the appropriate help," Apostolos Lytras concluded in his statement.

The rationale for the decision

According to information, in the decision of the investigator and prosecutor to release the lawyer under the above conditions, the testimony of the victim that the savage beating took place for the first time and that nothing similar had ever happened in the past "counted".

The testimony of his ex-wife to the investigator also reportedly counted in favor of the criminologist. It should be noted that this woman had previously reported the lawyer, but when the trial took place she withdrew her report.

The well-known criminologist was charged with a felony for serious intentional harm to his wife, an offense which, according to the Floridis Criminal Code, is punishable by 5 to 20 years in prison.

Source: protothema.gr