Apostolos Lytras: The criminologist in prison - He left Evelpidon

The criminologist is remanded in custody after the execution of the warrant against him

Screenshot 2 12 Apostolos Lytras, prison

Apostolos Lytras is currently being taken to Korydallos prisons as the process of executing the warrant issued against him following the lawsuit of Sofia Polyzogopoulos was completed in the courts of Evelpidon

The well-known criminologist arrived in Evelpidon shortly before 11 in the morning.

At night, he was detained at the AT of New Philadelphia in order to execute the warrant for his temporary detention, which was issued yesterday by the judicial authorities, replacing the restrictive conditions imposed on him after his apology for the brutal beating of the wife of Sophia Polyzogopoulos.

The moment when Apostolos Lytras entered the prosecutor's office in Evelpidon

As it was decided, the defendant for the felony of grievous bodily harm against his wife violated the restrictive conditions that had been imposed on him before even 48 hours had passed since he was released from the investigative office with the obligation, however, not to have any kind of association with Sofia Polyzogopoulou. He was also obliged to move from the house where he lived in Gerakas with the 37-year-old lawyer and also to attend a special treatment program in order not to repeat his violent behavior. However, as judged by the judicial authorities, the 52-year-old defendant violated the conditions imposed on him in order to be released. Thus, they were replaced with a temporary detention order.

But what happened? The countdown to the issuance of a warrant against the lawyer began after a statement given to the police by Sofia Polyzogopoulou. The 37-year-old woman who, according to her lawyer, Themi Sofos, received "30 punches from Apostolos Lytras" in her testimony stated that the defendant, despite imposing the condition of not having intercourse with her, last Monday at 12:34 in the afternoon ( i.e. shortly after his release from the investigative office and the imposition of the restrictive conditions against him) he sent her text messages on her cell phone with her blocking him. A day later on June 18, the 37-year-old was added by a lawyer – partner of Apostolos Lytras at their law firm in a Viber group chat, without her consent. "I am convinced" - Sofia Polyzogopoulou testified to the authorities - "that this was done following an order she had received from my husband".

According to the 37-year-old woman, the lawyer and her partner, before adding her to the group chat, had already called her several times wanting to convey, as she said, messages from her husband even though she herself had informed him that she did not want her the slightest contact with him. "In this conversation (s.s. on Viber) my husband sent messages saying that his children are trying to talk to me to come to the house to get money," the lawyer said in her testimony, to add that all this took place while she had handed over clothes and a "bag of money" to the daughters of Apostolos Lytras and their partner immediately after the completion of the apology to Evelpidon, which was done with the imposition of the above restrictive conditions. The lawyer asked that the specific persons not go to her house at that time but a little later, because as she states in her testimony she is seriously injured, in a bad psychological state and according to the recommendations of the doctors she should continue to be hospitalized.

Her wish, however, was not listened to and as she notes in her testimony, the messages sent to her about the money were sent "intentionally" with intentions she does not know and in violation of the restraining order that had been imposed on the defendant for not associating with her. "Their purpose was to further terrorize me and burden her mental health," says the 37-year-old about the specific messages, since as she points out, just the fact that the accused was trying to contact her caused terror and concern.

What followed is more or less well known. In the presence of her parents, the lawyer saw his ex-wife Lytra, his eldest daughter and their office partner at 10 last Tuesday evening in the yard of the house in Gerakas. Mrs. Polyzogopoulou testified that only she and the accused had keys to the house, which she never handed over to the investigating authorities, when she became aware of the provision of the restrictive condition of moving in.

"My father shouted: 'what are you doing in the house?' and his ex-wife replied: "this is the Mission's house, and we have come to take what we want." I opened the interior door of the living room and asked them to leave because I am not well and to respect my condition and leave only the child. The policeman who was outside the house approached, who was also trying to get them out of the yard the whole time. I told them: "leave only the child in and leave" and the ex-wife was shouting: "we will go in and take Apostolis' things", the 37-year-old woman described in her testimony to add that a colleague of their office "started to he curses in a threatening style and expressions". "I was very shaken and passed out and the policeman called EKAB", describes Sofia Polyzogopoulou, stating that the above persons (their office colleague and his ex-wife) were acting on the orders of her husband, whom she describes as moral author of their actions.

"Fleeing Suspect"

Evaluating what the lawyer testified as well as the information she gave them about what happened last Monday and Tuesday, the judicial authorities issued a warrant against Apostolos Lytras, replacing the restrictive conditions that had been imposed on him with temporary detention. It was even decided that the accused is a fugitive suspect, as the police informed that they are looking for him and could not find him yesterday as part of the spontaneous procedure. After the issuance of the arrest warrant, Apostolos Lytras appeared at the Pallini Police Station and stated again that he was sorry for his act, noting that he never sent any threatening message to Sofia Polyzogopoulou.

Source: protothema.gr