The pimp and rapist of the 12-year-old girl denies what is attributed to him

The 53-year-old, according to information, so far denies what is attributed to him

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The dominant theme of the Greek current affairs is the horrific theme of the horror experienced by a 12-year-old baby who was raped and kidnapped by a 53-year-old businessman from Colonos.

The 53-year-old, according to information, has so far denied what has been attributed to him while attempting to blame others for creating the child's online profile.

The electronic traces of the 53-year-old

In particular, he stated that EL.AS has all the means to identify all those who spoke with the 53-year-old, noting that "the devices, the electronic traces and the routes of a crime always speak".

According to Mr. Sfakianakis, the 53-year-old "has made disastrous mistakes", which will reveal the identity of those who have been in contact with him.

"He's talking about mobile applications, which may appear anonymous, but have a first name, last name, phone number. On his mobile phone there are the details of those he is talking to. There is a large pool of applications and face recognition that clearly shows who the person was chatting with. There are the electronic traces of the pages he entered."

As Manolis Sfakianakis underlined, with the software now available to EL.AS, the traces of those who even used "Pakistani" mobile phones in order to communicate with the 53-year-old can be traced. "Everything 'Pakistani' is spot on. Not who they belong to, they track exactly where they are and where they have activated. There is software that detects everything."

Where does the police investigation lead?

The Police investigation into the actions of the 53-year-old had begun at the beginning of September.

The mother of the 12-year-old went to the police station of Kolonos and showed two screenshots, which came from the 12-year-old's mobile phone and had been sent by her aunt, who lived in Lefkada and hosted the little child during the summer.

The 12-year-old's aunt found her cell phone and took the screenshots in question. In these snapshots, the 53-year-old can be seen making sexual advances towards the 12-year-old, while there is also a video that shows the child being sexually exploited.

40 days of police investigation followed. During this time, the 53-year-old tried to cover up.

The Police have stood by the testimony of the 12-year-old, who has stated "I have met with about 15 or 16 people", and is trying through online discussions to identify these people.

Also, the Police have found "ghost" mobile phones, with which the 53-year-old made appointments with pedophiles, as well as remittances, i.e. money that the 53-year-old has given, amounts of 30 to 80 euros, to specific people.