Markella kidnapping and sexual abuse: The much-praised trial begins

The 41-year-old alleged accomplice will also sit

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The trial of the 34-year-old defendant for the abduction in the upcoming years, while sexual abuse, last June in the then 10 year old Markellas, or visit its  Thessaloniki.

In the seat of the same court, except for the 34-year-old -temporarily detained in the Women's Prison Eleona Thebes- The 41-year-old alleged as her accomplice will also sit, whose involvement occurred one year after the abduction of the minor. However, unlike the 34-year-old, the alleged accomplice had been released after apologizing to the Investigator, imposing restrictive conditions and a financial guarantee.

Note that the trial begins 18 days before the ceiling expires of 18 months of temporary detention.

The indictment pays off heavy charges against the 34-year-old, which is prosecuted by the following acts: kidnapping a minor for the purpose of treating the perpetrator in immoral activities, rape, sexual intercourse with a minor, supply and possession of drugs for own use only, exposure, as well as a distinguished case of drug trafficking in the form of mixing them with a drink for the purpose of disposing of them (s.s. for the initially attributed category of pornography was acquitted by the competent Judicial Council). For his part, the 41-year-old defendant faces the offenses of complicity in the acts of child abduction and exposure.

The chronicle of the case

According to the referral panel of the Thessaloniki Council of Criminal Courts, the traces of the 10-year-old student were lost at noon on June 11, when she did not return home after school. Examined later by experts, the minor, who currently lives in a juvenile facility, named the 34-year-old as the woman who abducted her, on the pretext that her mother had sent her to pick her up. The victim knew her abductor, as they used to live in the same apartment building in Toumba and had family relations.

As described in the same panel, the accused transported the minor to her apartment in Kalamaria, where he offered her fruit juice in which he had dissolved Zanax pills, as a result, the sufferer falls into a state of drowsiness and physical weakness. Taking advantage of this situation, the 34-year-old then proceeded with the acts for which she is accused.

Watching on TV the message of the disappearance of the 10-year-old (Amber Alert) and the extent of the matter, over the next 24 hours, the accused seems to panicked, so he decided to set her free. The next morning (June 13), he gave her money for a taxi, they walked together for a while and then left her unannounced alone, at the junction of Professor Rossidou and Themistokli Sofouli streets, in Kalamaria, where she was located by locals and taken to the Pediatric Clinic .

The 34-year-old then returned home, called a radio taxi and headed to Paralia Katerinis, where she had already rented an apartment to hide. During her stay there, she cut her hair short and replaced her cell phone. Finally ewas located four days later, on June 17, by a special investigation team of the Security of Thessaloniki.

What the 34-year-old claimed

In her pre-trial apology, the accused had admitted that he was possessed by an erotic mood for little girls, a position which, however rebuilt in her apology to the Investigator, where she allegedly said that she acted driven by feelings of maternal affection for the little girl due to "neglect and abuse" which, as she claimed, "existed from his family environment". He denied the allegations in connection with sexual abuse and drug use.

The involvement of the alleged accomplice

Her co-accused joined the "frame" of the law enforcement authorities, a year later, when the Organized Crime and Human Trafficking Sub-Directorate of Thessaloniki of the Hellenic Police, investigating two other acts of rape to the detriment of adults with the alleged 34-year-old as a perpetrator, they took advantage of findings from the removal of telecommunications and communications (via the internet).

According to the findings of the police investigation and as reported by the committee, the 41-year-old man "repeatedly visited the house of his co-accused during the illegal detention of the minor and was present at her release". In the following days, he allegedly exchanged e-mails with the 34-year-old, from which it appears that "he knew, before her arrest, that he was the perpetrator of the kidnapping, as well as that provided her with material support assuring her that he would support her and suggesting that they meet or send her whatever she needed with another trusted person. "

Apologizing, he denied any involvement in the kidnapping case and, as it turns out, claimed that he had paid sex with the 34-year-old.