Incest to 11-year-old - "No one can alleviate my pain" says the student

The revelations of her mother are shocking

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The case of indecency against an 11-year-old schoolgirl by a tutoring teacher has caused outrage, with the parents of the 16-year-old girl now revealing shocking details about what their daughter went through and asking for the exemplary punishment of the perpetrator.

The revelation of the schoolgirl to her mother

"I asked her why she is so stressed and anxious? And he said to me: “Should I tell you that I have been abused? What would you say;". I went crazy there too, I could not believe it. I did not even want to believe it. We were always together, no one came into the house and after he said that it was done in the tutoring center " says the schoolgirl's mother speaking to Star.

"She started crying. We both cried. We hugged. I tell her my love because you did not come to talk to me, mom would help you " she goes on to say that her daughter replied that she was ashamed.

He spoke to protect other girls

The girl, as revealed by her mother, decided to speak so as not to endanger other children. "Mom, I'm lost in this case. No one can alleviate my pain and take it away from me. What I have experienced. I just want to help some other kids since this person is in the education industry. "If I could save even one child I would be happy," the victim told his mother, according to what he told the Star.

The teacher who is accused of indecency will apologize to the investigator in the coming days, as he has been prosecuted for abuse of a minor under 12 years of age.

Shock from the evidence in the case file - What her father reveals

Remember that the student's father had spoken to MEGA. "At the age of 12 we saw a big change in her behavior. He was a studious child, cheerful, and suddenly gave up everything, school, life. She changed her appearance and behavior to such an extent that adolescence did not justify it. We could not imagine that such a thing had happened and we threw it in adolescence. The child reacted. At some point we got into a fight, the child after 5-6 months started to change her behavior again ", said, among others, Mr. Thanos.

The Athens prosecutor's office filed a criminal prosecution against the tutoring teacher, who is accused of indecency in a sixth grade student. The lawsuit filed with the Athens Prosecutor's Office describes in horrifying detail the indecent acts of the tutoring teacher to the 11-year-old student.

According to what has become known, the teacher started complimenting the girl and massaging her during class. According to the lawsuit, the teacher called his minor "weakness" and asked for kisses and hugs in exchange to give her candy and tea.