Chania: How a 20-year-old stole 12.000 euros from the mother of her boyfriend

The 20-year-old made transactions worth 12.176 euros with the credit card of the 45-year-old

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A young girl in Chania managed to snatch more than 12.000 euros from the bank account of her friend's mother, who was located by the Authorities who put an end to her activities.

According to flashnews, the victim is a 45-year-old woman from Albania who lives and works in Kissamos and has two daughters aged 10 and 16 respectively.

The victim's eldest daughter had a 20-year-old "stickler" also of Albanian nationality, who, as it turned out, was able to methodically withdraw a large amount of money from the 45-year-old's bank account.

The accused, who was particularly close friends with the 16-year-old daughter of the 45-year-old, was constantly going to their house while preparing to take part in a beauty pageant.

At one point when the mother found out that she was missing a lot of money from her bank account she turned to the Authorities and initiated the proceedings to see what had happened. Thus, it found that from July 23, 2021 to November 3, a total of 31 transactions had been made with its debit card, of which 28 withdrawals and 3 purchases. The transactions amounted to a total of 12.176 euros.

How money "made wings"

According to police sources, the 20-year-old close friend of the victim's eldest daughter had approached her little family, the 10-year-old, and, thinking that he would buy her small things, made her give her mother's debit card, thus "gnawing" on successive transactions. 45-year-old bank stock.

For the case that was investigated by the AT. Kissamos, a case has been filed.

Source: newsbeast