"There is nothing demonic about them," the Greek government clarifies

"The new identities have nothing alien, anti-Christian, nothing demonized about anyone"

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"The new identities have nothing alien, anti-Christian, nothing demonized about anyone": this comment was made by the Minister of Citizen Protection, Yiannis Oikonomou, referring to the queues that have formed for the renewal of the old ones, in fear of chips.

Recently they have been observedlong queues to renew old IDs. Although sources state that it is due to understaffing due to summer holidays, it is known that a portion of citizens do not want to get a new ID as they believe they will be tracked by the alleged chip they will have.

In some cases, people gathered even from 05:00 in order to be served.

Mr. Economou, in his interview with SKAI, pointed out that any sensitivities are respected, but make it clear that the new identities have nothing to do with those theories.

"It is the vehicle for Greece to adapt to the demands of the modern world," he said.

“Those who poison the minds of individuals must know that the world, humanity, has undergone Enlightenment. Greece is in the 21st century. Loyalty, respect, sensitivities are internal issues of everyone, which are not put at the slightest risk, with the need to adapt to the requirements followed by hundreds of citizens in the world", he said.

Asked about when the new ID cards will be issued, he estimated that it will be possible from mid-September.

Regarding whether the old ones will apply from then on, he explained that the existing legislation should be examined, in conjunction with the new requirements.

Source: lifo.gr