"They are not all victims. Suddenly you want your freedom ": Dora's killer uncle's causes horror

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What the uncle of the murderer of Rhodes said on the show "Breakfast", with the presenters, causes shock Faye Skorda and Giorgos Liagas to be furious.

"Once we build your houses and the structures you want, you suddenly want your freedom," said the killer's uncle, among others.

Specifically, speaking to ANT1, the uncle reacted to the way the media has presented his dead nephew.

"The child is not the monster you present. This is my objection. You have mixed many news in one. He was a man in love, passionate with his girlfriend, like each of us with his relationship and he does well, because that's how you should be.

Beyond that, each of you should respect what each of us offers you. Not until you throw us and as soon as we build you our houses and the structures you want, you suddenly want your freedom. Each of us would be jealous.

Everyone reacts differently. She did not take a gun suddenly and did so, to get to the point of doing what she did and commit suicide, it is very difficult, she must have loved it.

I do not justify any act of violence. But you can't present all the killers like the monsters you present to them. You present women all as victims, you are not all victims, you also exist in angelic form but externally and only, for the inside put another word. "Without wanting to hurt anyone, but I do not want you to hurt my family either."

The statements of Faia Skorda

Faye Skorda, when she heard the above, became furious and started shouting. "What's up; What does the man say? The man is for the Police to go and catch him. What did we hear? What did we hear? "

"It simply came to our notice then female killers, gives birth to murderers. "That women are to blame, that he was a man in love", said Giorgos Liagas, with Faye Skorda wondering: "What are we analyzing?".

"I have been shocked since yesterday because there are obviously such views. You said who justifies him. "Here's who justifies him," he added George Liagas.