Trial of Roulas Pispirigou: "Georgina did not die from ketamine"

The trial of Roula Pispirigou before the MOD continues in high tones

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The trial of Roula Pispirigou continues in high tones before the MoD, where the medical examiner, expert witness Ourania Dimakopoulou, who was called by the defense to study the scientific evidence of the case, stated that Georgina did not die from the administration of ketamine.

The witness, in her testimony, completely disputed the admission of the toxicological examination that attributes Georgina's death to poisoning from a strong dose of ketamine, characteristically saying that the substance in question is a safe drug and not a poison.

The witness stated in court that "ketamine poisoning does not exist" adding, when asked by the president, that the scientific position is that the cause of death "is malnutrition on the ground of atrophy of basic organs, (of the heart, lungs and kidneys) in ground of reactive eosinophilia, in ground of epilepsy". During her examination by the president, the witness was asked why the report of the medical examiner Sotiris Bouzianis, who conducted the examination, does not mention malnutrition but ketamine poisoning. Mrs. Dimakopoulou said that Mr. Bouzianis in his report "keeps his distance. In the conclusion, it does not say that it is a homicide."

President: But that is something the court will decide.

The president's sentence caused the explosion of the defendant's defense attorney, Alexis Kouya, who shouted:

"Mercy! The medical examiner is called for this reason. I've done 1.000 murders and the coroner clearly says 'homicide'."

President: The coroner makes a decision within the scope of his competence.

Witness: The coroner must write down the five types of death. Of course he has to write! He writes pharmaceutical poisoning, according to the document given to him by Mr. Raikos. It does not do any evaluation.

Alexis Kougias: You will not destroy this witness either! You have made unanimous decisions on self-evident requests, you are influencing the judgment of the court, Mr. President... I have a sacred duty. I don't sleep on this case. They are keeping an innocent woman in jail. Of course, it is mandatory for the medical examiner to write "homicide"... seven months becomes a discriminatory procedure against the accused.

The witness, in the continuation of her testimony, referred to the amount of ketamine listed in the toxicological examination conducted by Professor Nikolaos Rakos. According to the professor, an amount of 6,5 micrograms per ml was detected, which is fatal. The witness disputed the finding as she said it was traced to blood taken from the heart, stressing in court that the amount in question is considered within therapeutic concentrations and limits. He added that "in the literature there is no case of a death in a hospital from ketamine in which someone is to blame. It is a safe drug. A hospital document states that the maximum dose for Georgina is two grams."

Source: RES-EAP