DOUBLE KILLING / Greece: "Mom, close the doors!" shouted the 28-year-old - Today the funerals

Friends and fellow villagers will say goodbye to Konstantina and Giorgos Tsapas, who fell victim to the murderous rage of the girl's distant husband - Mental disorder is invoked by the perpetrator

makrinitsa arthro Double Murder, Greece

The bells of the churches in the picturesque Makrinitsa are ringing mournfully, as in a few hours the last act of the drama will be played, which shocks the whole country from Monday night, of the double murder of Konstantina and Giorgos Tsapas, victims of both 31-year-old D .P, in the distance of the young girl's husband.

The funerals of the two brothers, 28 and 30 years old respectively, are scheduled for today at 10:30 in the morning and at the Holy Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, where relatives, friends and fellow villagers will be invited to say goodbye to the two young men and support the mourning of their parents. they experience the ultimate nightmare.

Tragic figures are the father and mother of Konstantina and Giorgos, who on the one hand can not for a moment realize the evil that found them in their own house and on the other hand try to find the courage needed to be able to act. the promise they made to their dead daughter, to stand on the rocks in the life of her only 2,5 year old child.

After all, as the mother of the two brothers, Athanasia Tsapa, described yesterday on Mega and the Live News show, her 31-year-old ex-boyfriend had gone to the family home to spread death: "'I ran to protect my grandson who was on it. My daughter says, "Mom, close the doors." I went downstairs and he started hitting me. He pulled out a huge knife in front of me and started hitting me. At that moment my daughter came down. I think he would have killed me if my daughter had not come down at that moment. And he left me and started my daughter "described Mrs. Athanasia and added" Then he went out, after he did what he did, and at that moment my son was coming. And then my son started beating and the child did not have time to resist ".

According to the testimony of Konstantina and Giorgos's parents, 31-year-old DR was outside the family home when he got on the phone angrily with his 28-year-old estranged wife, in order, as he told her, to take him out to see their child. When the girl heard him like this, she refused to see the child, asked him to leave and at the same time called the police and her brother. He then managed to break the glass of the lower door of the two-story house, as a result of which he found himself in front of his ex-mother-in-law, where he was the first person to accept his murderous rage, slightly injuring her. The woman in her attempt to calm him down not only failed, but in the sight of his ex-wife who came down to save her mother from his rage, the 31-year-old attacked her with a knife causing fatal injuries to the body. At that moment, the son of the family arrived at the house, who before he could understand what had happened, received the first knives from the deadly weapon of the perpetrator, leaving his last breath.

On Friday to the prosecutor

The 31-year-old alleged perpetrator of the double murder in Makrinitsa was given a deadline to apologize next Friday by the Volos prosecutor yesterday at noon. The prosecutor prosecuted him for intentional homicide in a calm state of mind, while in the main category were added the illegal possession and use of weapons, as well as an attempted murder against the mother of the two brothers.


According to information, the perpetrator allegedly provoked his victims when they asked for the protection of Justice, telling them: "I do not care, they will close me in and in a month I will leave".

In his apology, he stated that he always had the knife with him and that he used it to defend himself. Psychiatric reports examined indicated that he had a stalking syndrome. For this reason, in the coming days, his lawyer Dimitris Voulgaris will ask for a psychiatric expertise because due to his psychiatric disorder he has not realized the abomination of his act.

In his statements, the defense attorney expressed his heartfelt condolences to the family of the victims, with whom he had a special relationship, because he was the lawyer of the accused DR and his wife, from the time they met until today.

"My client suffers from a serious mental disorder that is diagnosed even by the doctors of Volos Hospital. The Prosecutor's Office had accepted a request for involuntary hospitalization from January 15 at the request of the wife who had realized the problem. The procedure was completed in relation to the Hospital, but his medical examination was not ordered, but he was given medication, which was not observed and that is why, in fact, I consider it necessary to order a psychiatric expertise ".

Source: Protothema