Murder of an 11-year-old girl in Greece: "I dragged her to the field, I heard an "ah" and then nothing - I threw her away and went to my mother"

What the murderer of Vasiliki told the police officers of the Tower Security causes horror and chills

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What the murderer of Vasiliki said to the police officers of the Tower Security causes horror and chills.

The 37-year-old, whom the child trusted as a member of his family's immediate, but also friendly, circle, cynically described how he had planned to rape the child, asking him from Sunday morning to go for a walk late that afternoon. .

"In the morning I stopped at the bakery and saw my niece. I don't know how it came to me and I told her to go for a walk. He answered yes. We arranged to go at 8 in the evening,” he said in his confession.

Continuing his description, he essentially confessed that he intended to rape the girl, after saying: “When I left her house, so that we wouldn't be seen, I went and waited for her. She came of her own free will. We went to a mini market and got refreshments. When we got to where we were going, I took her hand and told her to meet. She told me no and that she will tell her parents."

The killer, who was not willing to accept "no" and even from a child of only 11 years, then describes the moments of the murder: "I got confused, threw her down and started nailing her with the screwdriver in the neck and back. I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the field. There I heard an "ah" and then nothing. I threw her in the reeds and went to my mother's house."

It is noted that the 37-year-old who was free although he had been sentenced to nine years in prison for the rape of another minor, also from his relatives, is the father of four children and his wife is pregnant with the fifth.

"He had grabbed my sister by the throat, he was going to kill her"

The child's aunt and sister of the 37-year-old's first victim describes the 11-year-old confessed murderer of the 37-year-old as an extremely dangerous and ruthless rapist, talking about the rape that took place in 2017. The murderer was convicted in 2020 by the Joint Jury Court in Zakynthos and was free until he was tried by the Court of Appeal: Almost four years after he was sentenced to nine years in prison and seven years after his crime, the perpetrator was free and unpunished.

According to, the sister of the first victim (who is a cousin of the father of 11-year-old Vasiliki), the 37-year-old had lured her underage sister to a deserted location and after raping her grabbed her by the neck, threatening to kill her.

The then 14-year-old, a girl, resisted and was saved from the hands of the 37-year-old, because she told him that she would keep her mouth shut if he let her return to her home.

Ilia: Testimony of the sister of the first victim (2)

"My sister was at the village club and he says to her "what are you doing over here?". At the same time, my friend took me, who is her husband and was looking for him. "I'm looking for Spyros" he told me. We were all looking for him here in the village to see where he was. After a while my sister comes and shouts "no, no, he did this to me". He told me to go to the store to get refreshments. After a while he said to her "I want to tell you". He took her somewhere further and hit her on the head with a stone", describes the girl's sister.

"And he put her on the motorcycle and got her somewhere in Skafidiia. And as soon as my sister opened her eyes she said "what am I doing here?". He had taken her cell phone and turned it off. And he tells her to "shut up". And my sister comes and tells us all this. And my sister had a blow to the head, she had scratches on her neck, she had also scratched his neck and she tells him "I won't say anything as long as I go home", says the woman and emphasizes that her sister luckily did not had the ending of Vasiliki.

"He wanted to kill her. He had grabbed her by the throat and wanted to kill her. He raped her. And after that he tells her "I will kill you". And my sister tells him "don't bother me, I'll go home and I won't tell anyone anything". And so he left her and left," she says while pointing out that the perpetrator, after his heinous act, passed in front of their house as if nothing had happened.

He also destroyed my niece, says the uncle of the perpetrator's wife

"He destroyed my niece too," says the uncle of the 37-year-old killer's wife, explaining that the woman is pregnant with their fifth child.

He also adds that the perpetrator's wife was wary herself after raping a 14-year-old girl in 2017, saying that even though he was out on probation, his niece had second thoughts about leaving him alone with their children.

Ilia: Testimony from a relative of the perpetrator

He does not know exactly what happened in the case of 2017 and what exactly happened with the rape of the 14-year-old, except that the man was sentenced to 9 years suspended and that the perpetrator never apologized for the incident to his wife, nor did he say nothing about the case, only a few days ago he had asked about the date because on the 16th of the month he would have to report to the police.