Murder of Alki: The 23-year-old arrested is marked - A trial for a fan is pending

He has been recognized by his friend Alkis

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As it became known with a post by the Minister of Civil Protection, Takis Theodorikakou, a 23-year-old man was arrested for the murder of Alkis in Thessaloniki, while the investigations continue to locate the other perpetrators.

This is marked as a trial for a fight between fans in 2019 is pending. According to the first information, the police have important information about the 23-year-old, of Albanian origin.

He has been recognized by his friend Alkis

The most important thing is that he was recognized by one of the injured, who was with 19-year-old Alkis, shortly before he fell dead.

Police have gathered material from security cameras that have recorded the route of the cars in which the perpetrators arrived and left the scene of the murder, while there are also testimonies and descriptions of important eyewitnesses.

The investigations of the Thessaloniki Security continue for the arrest of the other perpetrators in the murder.