Murder Caroline: Life and 11,5 years for Babis Anagnostopoulos

He was unanimously found guilty - Prosecutor: "One of the most heinous crimes committed in the world" - The pilot was absent from the court

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The Joint Jury Court of Athens sentenced the 34-year-old pilot Babis Anagnostopoulos to life for the murder of his wife Caroline Crouchs and 11,5 years of temporary imprisonment for the killing of the family dog, the false report and the subsequent false testimony .

He will also be asked to pay a fine of 21.000 euros.

The appellate decision was announced in the absence of the already convicted in the first instance who is in Malandrino prisons.

The court unanimously rejected the requests of Babis Anagnostopoulos for Caroline's father to testify and for him to undergo a psychiatric examination.

His defense requested the recognition of the mitigating factor of the previous cohabitation, with the prosecutor recommending against it.

The district attorney G. Koutras referred to the fact that the couple had bought a plot of land with money to the greater extent of Caroline's family which was transferred to the exclusive ownership of the accused.

Also, the prosecutor emphasized that a contract had been drawn up and both spouses were appointed as employers, while he was in possession of his trial. "He made her the object of obligations without having ownership of the plot," Mr. Koutras emphasized.

"There is no room for recognition of the mitigating factor for the accused" Mr. Koutras emphasized and spoke of the "exploitation of a satanic plan" by the accused concluding that

"She acted in an unprecedented way. It is one of the most heinous crimes ever committed in the world. He asked to have sessions with the psychologist after he had committed the crime and he didn't shed a single tear," emphasized Mr. Koutras.

A decision on penalties is awaited.