Glyka Nera crime: "I'm tired of speculation", says the 32-year-old pilot

"The psychologist has nothing to do with research, I have more serious things to worry about"

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Authorities are investigating the perpetrators of the brutal crime in Glyka Nera, with the 32-year-old pilot mourning the loss of his wife stating that "every day is more difficult".

Specifically, speaking to ANT1, the 32-year-old seems annoyed by the reference to the psychologist that 20-year-old Caroline visited after the birth of their daughter and wonders why these visits are involved in the investigation of her murder. "For the psychologist I saw with my wife after the birth, it is really questionable who thought she could help investigate the robbery. The psychologist has nothing to do with research. "When he is called at some point, however, he will be under the pressure of the media and will simply delay the investigation for no reason," the 1-year-old told ANT32.

While the 32-year-old added: "Personally, I wish the psychologist to testify quickly, because I am tired of anything unrelated to the case coming out as news and everyone making guesses without contact with reality. I have more serious things to worry about right now than what is being written. I try to mourn my wife without upsetting my daughter at the same time. "Every day is very difficult."

For his part, ELAS trade unionist Stavros Balaskas said on the subject: "Clearly, the husband is also bothered by what sounds like paraphilology from ordinary citizens and not only. We rely only on what is found. Our research is sealed. We do not hear voices and shouts. "