Images of revelation in Evia: The flames stopped at sea, houses burned, inconceivable disaster

The fire in Evia that has reached the sea to stop and has threatened 8 settlements seems to be uncontrollable.

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Uncontrollable seems to be the φωτιά in Evia that has reached the sea to stop and has threatened 8 settlements. The firefighters are fighting the flames all night in order to bring the fire fronts under control in Evia. They were evacuated 8 villages for precautionary reasons.

"Holocaust" the fire in Evia - Three active fronts

Settlements are burning around Lake Evia, according to the mayor of Mantoudi, Mr. George Tsapournioti, who spoke of "holocaust".

"We are talking about a holocaust in the area. The fire is currently burning non-stop and the fronts are three. One front is burning in the middle of the village Years, the other in Mulberry and the third front moves menacingly towards Monastery of Saint David. The devastation is huge as a beautiful forest burns while businesses, houses and cars burn. The recording when done will be tragic. The night will be very difficult because the fire does not stop ", stated characteristically George Tsapourniotis.

The fire came down with great force from the mountain and was able to overcome the last one "Defense zone" set up by firefighters along the coastal road leading from the Lake to Rovies. The momentum of the fire was great, she crossed the street and burned what she could find in front of her. Shortly before 23.00 on Tuesday night (3/8) the firefighters, gathering a large part of their forces, gave a great battle. They did not allow the flames to pass in the settlement of Chronia, 2 kilometers after the settlement of Sepiada.

Firefighters from both Evia and neighboring prefectures are already rushing to the area. The area is wooded, the winds are strong and the conditions are ideal for the fire to spread even in residential areas.

"Green light" for the evacuation of settlements

The "green light" for the preventive evacuation of two other villages gave the Coordinating convened and met at Lake Evia. A total of 8 villages and settlements have been evacuated since the afternoon and their inhabitants are directed either to relatives or to hotels.

These are the villages Kourkoulou in the upcoming years, while Drymonas which are exactly opposite sides of the fire. It was deemed necessary to evacuate them, as in the other villages, as the flames spread more and more.

The order to evacuate the settlement as well Retsinolakkos, which is close to Lake Evia and the settlement Red, where there are camps, the firefighters gave a while ago. The reason is the big fire that has broken out in the area and which is very close to settlements.

"The evacuation of the villages was precautionary. It was done in order and so we avoided endangering human lives which was the key element we were called to serve with the start of the fire. " underlined o Regional Governor of Central Greece Fanis Spanos a few minutes after the end of the Coordinating Body meeting.

As noted by Mr. Spanos "There are destructions in houses and facilities and the counting has started, but we have avoided, so far, the worst. For us, human life is the major ".

Based on his decisions Coordinating Body There was a redistribution of the fire brigade, but also of the other means that have been found in the area, such as the earthmoving machinery and an effort is made to intervene where it is possible to contain the momentum of the fire so that with the first light of day and the aerial means to be able to curb its catastrophic course.

"It is necessary with the first light of day to provide air means so that we can control the critical points of the fire" underlined the deputy mayor of the municipality of Limni Mr. Liascos.

In addition, early in the afternoon, in particularly critical areas, the opening of antipyretic zones began, as well as the creation of accesses for fire trucks.

"We have a difficult night ahead of us. We remain with all our forces next to the Fire Brigade in the battle to extinguish the fire. Unfortunately, properties and a large area of ​​pine forest have already been destroyed. A real battle is going on all night ", stressed the Governor in a statement Mr. Spanos.