Roula Pispirigou has already made a request for release

Rapid developments are taking place in the case of the paternal-now closed- mother of the three dead girls

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Rapid developments are taking place in the case of the paternal-now enclosed- mother of the three dead girls of the Daskalaki family, Roulas Pispirigou, a few hours after her temporary imprisonment in a special area in Korydallos.

The background, during her 9-hour apology to the Athens investigator, is large and with moments of "reversal" in the development of things, in relation to the fact that everyone had, that is, the criminal prosecution for premeditated murder in the case of 9-year-old Georgina will he led her to the cell.

According to exclusive information of the newspaper "Peloponnisos", her lawyers, knowing exactly what was said to the interrogator, have already submitted a request for the release of their client's accused, hoping that this will be accepted. And they have good reason to believe it! Even if the request has not been formally submitted, it is a matter of hours or a few days to submit it!

According to the same exclusive information of "P", after the data of the memorandum that at the time of the death of the child in the "Aglaia Kyriakou" Hospital, Roula Pispirigou was not in the ward, but only doctors and nursing staff, the defense attorneys found that the interrogator began to bend, to such an extent that, as described in "P", in the end they were almost certain - and they and the accused - that he would not be remanded in custody but would be released on restrictive terms.

However, the need to satisfy the common sense, they estimate, did not allow the Investigator and the prosecutor to "overcome" the indictment so easily, leading to a unanimous but in essence "marginal" decision to detain the mother.

From then on, the cold Roula Pispirigou, for the first time, bent down and really burst into tears. It was the moment when she shouted… "it is unfair, without evidence, to go to prison".