The Mayor of Volos is out of bounds: He loaded a flood victim with wood for cursing him (VIDEO)

Watch the video of the beating

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The mayor of Volos, Achilleas Beos, went out of bounds while talking to flood victims in the Alli Meria area after he slapped a citizen who insulted him.

This morning the residents of Alli Meria gathered at the broken bridge in the area to prevent the stream from being filled, which they complain is being done without elementary study. All the portable materials from the flood disasters are thrown into the stream, such as rubble, trees, and the residents who have been damaged and lost their homes gathered in the morning to prevent the flooding. Yesterday the police were called to the specific spot while the contractor crew that appeared again this morning, found the residents there again.

The police were called again and after a while Achilleas Beos appeared in the area and had very intense dialogues with flood affected citizens who have been left homeless after the onset of the bad weather Elias and Daniel.

Tempers after one point flared to the max with one citizen cursing Achilles Beo himself and "the hand that voted for him" as he says. Then the mayor of Volos attacked him and started beating him. "Trambouke, may my hand be cut off for voting for you" shouted the citizen. A resident who was in the stream, protesting the flooding, recorded the events.

Watch the video of the beating from 00:30 onwards:

St. Kasselakis: Mr. Mitsotakis should immediately request Beu's withdrawal from the candidacy for the mayorship of Volos

The president of SYRIZA PS, Stefanos Kasselakis, calls on Kyriakos Mitsotakis to withdraw his support and immediately request the withdrawal of Achilleas Beu from the re-contestation of the mayorship of Volos.

At the same time, he asks the citizens next Sunday in the municipal elections to give "a first breath to the country". Specifically, Mr. Kasselakis states in his post on Facebook:

"The long arm of Beu, the chosen one of K. Mitsotakis in Volos. Today he beat up a citizen. Yesterday it rained on a citizen. I call on the prime minister to withdraw his support and immediately request Beu's withdrawal from re-contesting the mayorship of Volos. Does a prime minister who at the local level relies on Beus who "suffocate" their cities represent the people of the Center? And where at the national level is Velopoulos relied on to control the composition of independent authorities? Next Sunday we have Municipal Elections. Give the country a first breath."

Source: First Topic