Greece - 8-year-old abused: Grandpa accused of continuous rape

The grandfather has denied committing these crimes and insists on what the 50-year-old aunt of the child has confessed

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The conditions for the abuse of an 8-year-old girl in Rhodes are expected to be clarified before the regular investigator of Rhodes, after the criminal prosecutions.

According to information cited by "Demokratiki" regarding the case that shocked the whole of Greece, after examining the child, expert reports from child psychologists, pediatricians and a social worker were carried out by order of the Rhodes Public Prosecutor at the island's criminal court.

The case was re-submitted to the Public Prosecutor, who prosecuted the 78-year-old grandfather of the child for:

  • Ongoing rape.
  • Sexual intercourse continuously, with a minor who has not reached 12 years of age.
  • Ongoing abuse of minors in sexual acts.
  • Sexual intercourse between relatives from anion continuously.

The grandfather has denied committing these crimes and insists on what the 50-year-old aunt of the child has confessed, that he set up a conspiracy in order to secure a cheap financial reward and that with his finger he caused the rupture of the girl's hymen.

Another complaint against the grandfather from Rhodes

The interrogation is expected to clarify what she complained about the 78-year-old, a 52-year-old expatriate from the USA, who claims that he raped her at a young age and which added a new dimension to the case.

Although the offenses reported by the 52-year-old are now statute-barred, her testimony is extremely aggravating and comes to create reasonable questions that need to be explained in the context of the ongoing investigation.

On October 23, 2021, the expatriate from the USA appeared at the Heraklion Security Sub-Directorate and expressed in an affidavit her desire to inform the authorities of some facts that may - as she stressed - help reveal the truth about the case of the abuse of the 8-year-old. She pointed out that she does not know her name, but knows her mother, an adopted daughter of the 78-year-old.

The same woman added that she left Rhodes in 1995 and no longer has contact with the 78-year-old's family, but that she also mentioned what she testified in a letter she sent with a courier company to the Rhodes Public Prosecutor's Office in 2013. She claims to have been a victim sexual abuse of the grandfather, in the years 1978-1982 at least ten times.

Rhodes: What did the 78-year-old say in his apology

The 78-year-old apologist claimed -among other things- that when he learned that his granddaughter had been teased by someone in her genitals, he was the first to cooperate with the police of the Rhodes Security Sub-Directorate, who discovered the culprit, who confessed to her abomination. act and its motivation, which was financial.

As for his own relationship with his grandchildren, as he said, it is a relationship of love and understanding. He also pointed out that it is logical that there are conflicts in his attempt to calm them down, which, however, never exceed the limits of verbal conflict.

Asked by the criminal court about the reasons why the 8-year-old and a sister make him a suspect for committing sexual crimes, but also about the reasons that his 33-year-old daughter did the same in her first testimony, the 78-year-old did not give a clear answer, claiming that knows why, however, presumably that his daughter, whom he recalled along the way, may have been seduced by her new partner, whom he did not like and wanted to be interrupted. He further denied that he had appeared naked to the child after a bath.

The "tangle" of the case, for which the tip is sought

From the forensic examination and the examination of a gynecologist, it emerged that the child had inflammation and had suffered a partial rupture of his hymen. It was also ruled out that she had been raped unnaturally by successive examinations and essentially "denied" an incomprehensible description of the child, with mental deprivation, according to which her grandfather put something she describes as a knife.

The medical examiner, in his last report, strongly suspects that the piercing of the child came from a finger, after the confession of the 50-year-old aunt. According to "Demokratiki", the child's aunt has confessed that he tried, by deceiving the mother, to secure money from her and her grandfather (200 and 500 euros respectively).

A friend of hers, as she confessed, called her and said that she was from the "Child's Smile" and that for 200 euros the procedure against her would not proceed.

The 33-year-old mother had no money and the 50-year-old, as she confirmed, convinced her that she had given it to her and paid it herself to a police officer serving in the former prime minister's guard and that it should be returned to him.

The 50-year-old also confessed that when the child started protesting in front of her and visiting her house in early October for "stinging" after the toilet, then they entered a room and she put her finger in the child's vagina with a glove, for to see if his hymen had been pierced!

She convinced the mother that the child had been raped and even did it - as she said - because she intended to get 500 euros from her grandfather, because she knew she would not want to know, and she needed the money to rent a house, because lived in a shack! She even confessed that she took pictures with her mobile phone and that she convinced her mother that she would send them to a doctor for a decision.

In the process, he informed her that the doctor allegedly judged from the photo that the child had been raped. The 50-year-old informed her sister-in-law about the alleged rape of the child, who warned her that she would inform the authorities if she did not do so herself.