Greece: Map reveals BBC presenter's 'death' route

The body of the well-known presenter was found in the area of ​​Agia Marina

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The worst case scenario was confirmed in the case of the disappearance of the BBC presenter, Michael Mosley, as the 67-year-old was found dead yesterday in the area of ​​Agia Marina in Symi.

It is recalled that he was missing since Wednesday afternoon (5/6) with the authorities of the island "combing" the entire island since then. Eventually his body was found next to a fence near a beach.

Footage from closed circuit cameras had recorded him a few minutes before his death, passing through the village of Pedi, specifically outside a tavern.

The 67-year-old presenter appears to have taken a dangerous path through the mountain with several craggy rocks to get down to the beach of Agia Marina and likely either got dizzy or passed out due to the intense heat or slipped and fell next to the fence causing him to lose his life.

The Daily Mail yesterday published a map of Mosley's "death" route.

"I went over the fence and the smell came to me, which was very strong"

Near the spot where the presenter's body was found, there is a beach bar, with the manager of the store, Ilias Tsavaris, being one of the first to be there and describing to MEGA what he saw.

The body was found in advanced decomposition

"They called me and told me to go and have a look. I went over the fence and the smell came to me, which was very strong. I also saw the watch that was shining. The man was on his back with his arms up. I went closer to make sure and saw him," he initially said.

"If it went from this point, it went badly"

Asked how the lifeless body of the presenter was not found earlier and if the scene had been checked by the Authorities, Mr. Tsavaris noted: "Every day helicopters, volunteers, Fire Brigade passed by. Behind the fence, it has a small alley 1 by 1,5 meters. The owner picked me up and told me to go check out. A helicopter was flying over the site all day yesterday. Beyond the smell, I saw the clock and approached."

In addition, he underlined that the specific path is difficult and that Michael Mosley chose it badly. "If it went from this point, it went badly, it's a difficult part there. Or he entered from the beach, because the camera from the store hasn't caught him."

In Rhodes, the necropsy - necropsy

Already yesterday, Sunday, a medical examiner was on the island together with a team from the Criminal Investigation office from Rhodes for a first assessment of the body.

The official forensic examination will take place today, Monday in Rhodes.

The autopsy-necropsy will be carried out in order to clarify the causes of death and exclude the possibility of criminal action, but also to officially identify that the body belongs to the BBC presenter.

The scenarios considered

One scenario being considered is that while Michael Mosley was walking down the path he either became dizzy or passed out due to the intense heat, or he slipped and fell next to the fence and was killed.

As the mayor of Symi told APE-MBE, the unfortunate presenter managed to cross, in hot conditions, the entire steep slope, but shortly before reaching the beach, he fell - unknown how, maybe he got dizzy or tripped.

Another scenario is that he faced some pathological problem as the umbrella he was holding the day he disappeared was found next to him, while he was wearing the watch on his hand, which helped to locate him.

The BBC presenter was found on his back, with his left hand on his chest and with a head injury likely from the fall. The fact that the hand was found on the chest may indicate that Mosley had some medical problem that caused him to fall.

The body was found in an advanced state of decomposition as there was a strong stench around the site, indicating that Michael Mosley may have been dead since the day he went missing.